About Dreams Merchant

Dreams Merchant has strategic relationship with RapidLEI and the GLEIF. We are Official Registration Agent. Dreams Merchant engaged in the fields of Legal, Technical, and Financial activities under a single edge and having a robust foundation of Clientele base of Governments, Local Bodies, Corporate, Banks, Financial Institutions, Institutions, Trusts, Societies, Funds, Startups, Individuals, Celebrities, etc.

Dreams Merchant provides hassle-free swift solutions in each complex arena at the lowest cost.

Dreams Merchant provides their expertise and experience to full fill your valued dream projects end to end level. Dreams Merchant is the sole place “where the dreams come true”.

No LEI, No Trade!


A Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) is a 20-character globally recognized organization identifier. The LEI code is endorsed by the G20 as the most important global identifier. Organizations should have LEIs to be compliant with regulation, enable trust in their identity and assert their legitimacy. Here are our main reasons to get an LEI:

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